UFO finding leaves man ‘bug eyed’

A man from West Coast has panicked after seeing UFO on Tuesday 6th of August 2013. He claims that he saw it during the night while he had parked his car on the entrance to Shantytown. Moreover, he claims he was not alone and the three other vehicles were confronted by the nocturnal visitor at 8.45pm on Rutherglen Road, south of Greymouth.

Matthew Robert, who is a mechanic from Rutherglen said that when he saw an object that had the shape of a car lifted into the blue in a dim light, he and other drivers hurriedly left leaving behind skid marks on the way. “I was busy changing a compact disk while driving when I looked up and saw a car like object without lights. I stopped immediately in the middle of the road. I banged on my brakes and my eyes were motionless trying to focus. Then suddenly the object produced light and shot in the blue, “ Mr. Robert said. “ After sometime I came back to senses and noticed that there other vehicles that had also stopped. Am surprised that nobody came forward to say this because am sure they also saw it.”

Robert claims that after seeing the night visitor, all cellophane reception, his vision was blurry and moreover his eyes were watery for about an hour. Moreover, he was shocked and trembled. He said he was driving towards Greymouth to pick his partner, Charlotte Rose from work place. He arrived there with creepy eyes and nervous. Mr. Robert said he wished other witnesses from other vehicles could come forward and confirm what he saw. He only remembered two vehicles. They were Honda Accord and Mitsubishi. The third car he could not remember its description. However, Robert said that he knows that people may think he has gone crazy but he knows what he saw. Maybe one of the witness will come out one day testify this.

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Lorella Flego zagovarja tradicionalne vrednote

Lorella Flego se zaveda, kako pomembne so v današnjem času prave vrednote. Želi si, da bi tudi njena hčerka zrasla v sočutno in prijazno osebo. Hkrati pa bi Lorella Flego rada, da mala Sofia hkrati postane tudi odločna in samozavestna ženska, ki se bo znala postaviti zase in ne bo imela težav s postavljanjem meja drugim ljudem. Lorella Flego se strinja, da je danes morala pri veliko ljudeh na zelo nizki ravni, zato se trudi, da se takim ljudem, če je le mogoče, izogne. Svoj prosti čas zato od rojstva hčerke razporeja veliko bolj premišljeno in ne pusti, da bi ji ljudje, ki si tega ne zaslužijo, kradli dragoceno energijo. Lorella Flego globoko zagovarja, da moramo ljudje za vsako ceno ostati zvesti sebi in slediti svoji poti, čeprav je to včasih zelo težko. Modrooka voditeljica in modna poznavalka pravi, da le tako ohranimo sebe in ne pustimo, da bi se izgubili. Lorella Flego priznava, da ji je bilo na njeni poti pogosto težko, a le tako se je izoblikovala v tako osebo, kot je danes.

About Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is a high quality and expensive olive oil. It has the essence of fresh olives without any adulteration. In chemical terms, an extra virgin olive oil has the free acid as oleic acid with no more than 0.8 grams per 100gms and the value of peroxide is less than 20 mill equivalent. The oil is produced by mechanical means without the use of solvents, under temperature conditions (30oC, less than 86oF) that will not derogate the oil.

In order to qualify as extra virgin olive oil, it should pass the official chemical test in the lab and sensory evaluation by the trained testing panel of the International Olive Council. Extra Virgin olive oil which exhibits some fruitiness and is free of adulteration can pass the test easily. Extra virgin olive oil is a pressed fruit juice with no additives. This method of extracting the extra virgin olive oil is known as “cold pressing”. The oil is considered the finest, having the fruitiest, freshest flavor. It retains antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins without the use of heat.

Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Gastronomy:
The oleocanthal a component of extra virgin olive oil increases the production of enzymes and proteins that knocks out amyloidal tangles, which characterizes Alzheimer disease. This component is a COX-1 and COX-2 inhibitor that functions as a pain and inflammation reducer.
The extra virgin olive oil can be used cold or hot in salad dressings or recipes. It can be used for pouring and dipping. It has the no Tran’s fat, no artificial colors or flavors and is naturally gluten free. It is added at the table to stews and soups. It is one of the three foods permitted by the FDA for containing health claim benefits. It can also be drizzled over bruschetta, bread and meats, pastas to improve health and have radiant skin. The extra virgin olive oil can be used instead of butter in the frying pan to prepare grilled cheese sandwiches, eggs and quesadillas. The vegetables can be steamed and tossed with extra virgin olive oil.

The greater use of extra virgin olive oil reduces heart unhealthy fats. The oil is high in poly phenol concentration which provides direct health benefits. Grains and vegetables taste better with extra virgin olive oil. The extra virgin olive oil should be cooked at moderate temperatures so that it does not lose its properties. It does not produce any toxic reactions when roasted, fried or cooked. It improves the gastronomic quality of food. When fried, the extra virgin olive oil forms a thin consistent layer around the product. This layer of oil hampers the absorption of fats or unnecessary oil by retaining all food juices and favors. Extra virgin olive oil can be dressed on the salad with salt, lemon juice or vinegar. The oil should be added last so that it prevents other elements from penetrating in to the salad.

Extra virgin olive oil can also be used for beauty purpose. For dry scalp relief it is conditioned on the scalp and left for 20 minutes. It can also be used as a face moisturizer and makeup remover.

The history of Area 51

Re-known as a military flight installation center, Area 51 is located in the remote NEVADA desert at the shores of Lake Groom. It is officially used as a testing site for military terrestrial spacecrafts. In addition to this, it is accredited with the testing of several aircrafts including the night-whawk steath fighter, SR-71 Blackbird and the A-12′s successor. Its name was coined from its location 51 on the base map. Better to note; it is the main U.S military base served with absolute security. The area has remained segregated and secret for government cover-ups in different missions.

The emergence of Area 51 is dated back during the prevalence of military wars that took place during the Second World War. However, after the war, the area was abandoned. It was originally the residence of the top-secret cold war-era program branded as the “Oxcart”, whose main aim was to develop planes for surveillance and information gathering missions behind the scenes never to be recognized in the air. During the Second World War, the army air forces built airplane runaways in the desert of Nevada together with a couple others at the Groom Lake. The spot was tagged as “The Army Air Corps Gunnery School.”However, the runaways were neglected in the late 1940’s.

Developing interest in the area, the CIA and Lockheed entered into a pact to construct high altitude aircrafts for the purpose of conducting overview observations around the area. The project was pioneered by Kelly Johnson. He went ahead to form a team of engineers and pilots for testing the planes and crafted a name for the organization he had formed. He called it the ‘Skunk works’. This organization became famous for its ability to maintain high level secretive missions.

Indeed, obscurity in-terms of secret keeping were to serve as the main pillar for the success of the skunk works in its missions. Therefore, it was now upon them to search for a zone which they would come up with for constructing secret aircraft and testing them. So secret was the place to be that no one would ever glimpse or imagine of its existence. Another fact to consider was the nearness to a city for the purpose of supplying the basic military implements. Also, the ground was to facilitate easy access of flights and never conflict with the navigation of the regular commercial space flights. Don’t forget that they also required adequate space for housing the large crew of military expertise and casual employees.

Tony LeVier: a test pilot as well as a comrade to Johnson together with Osmond Ritland who was a CIA representative travelled to Nevada at around 1955. They were in pursuit to find for a suitable place for the purpose of testing space flights. Johnson finally ended up considering the place appropriate for use in their undertakings.

The initial constructions were completed after four months from when they commenced. Not long before the U-2 flights began. This was followed by the signing of an official order by President Eisenhower restricting the airspace over the Groom Lake. At the definite end, the area 51 was taken over by the Air Force and the Department of Energy.

Fiziološke reakcije na stres

Znanstveniki so že zelo natančno raziskali, kaj se dogaja v našem telesu, ko smo pod stresom oziroma katere so reakcije našega telesa na stres. Ko doživljamo stres, hipotalamus prek hipofize spodbudi nadledvični žlezi, da začneta izločati večje količine stresnih hormonov adrenalina, noradrenalina in kortizola. Stres povzroči, da se nam zelo izostrijo čuti – zenice se odprejo, lasje in dlake se naježijo. Ko smo pod stresom, se prav tako poveča bitje srca, ki omogoči hiter prenos kisika v mišice, pospeši pa se tudi naše dihanje. Stres oziroma stresna situacija poskrbi tudi za to, da se aktivira glukoza, ki je v obliki glikogena shranjena v jetrih – to nam omogoča, da dobimo več energije. Stres pa hkrati upočasni določene telesne sisteme, ki niso nujni za boj ali beg. Tako se na primer žile do ledvic in prebavnega sistema skrčijo. Takrat, ko smo pod stresom, se tudi pospešeno izločajo endorfini, ki zagotavljajo protibolečinski učinek, saj ne želimo, da bi nas pri boju zmotila bolečina. Kako pa se na stres odzovemo z vedenjem naša, pa si preberite v članku Vedenjska odzivnost na stres.

Kdo je homeopat?

Homeopatija je celostni sistem zdravljenja, pri katerem izboljšujemo zdravje organizma z uporabo potenciranih zdravil, ki so za vsakega posameznika izbrana na podlagi zakona podobnosti – podobno zdravi podobno. Homeopat pa je zdravnik, ki se je tri leta izobraževal in pridobival znanja in veščine s področja homeopatije. V Sloveniji lahko homeopat postane samo tisti, ki je uspešno zaključil študij medicine in pridobil naziv doktor medicine. Nato izobraževanje nadaljuje v triletnem izobraževanju, ki ga pri nas izvaja Slovensko homeopatsko društvo. Homeopat je torej popolnoma usposobljen zdravnik splošne medicine s še dodatnim znanjem homeopatije. V primerjavi s splošno sprejeto medicino homeopat vsakega bolnika obravnava celostno in kot zanimivost lahko povemo, da poprečen obisk pri homeopatu lahko traja tudi uro in pol. Pozneje, ko bolnik hodi le še na kontrolne preglede, si homeopat zanj vzame od 10 do 30 minut. Homeopat se z bolnikom najprej izčrpno pogovori in ga zelo poglobljeno izpraša o njegovem zdravstvenem stanju. V naslednjem prispevku Kako postati homeopat pa bomo podrobno opisali pot, kako priti do naziva homeopat.

Kaj preučuje psihologija?

Psihologija je znanost o duševnosti, osebnosti in vedenju. Psihologija se torej ukvarja s proučevanjem duševnih pojavov, vedenja in osebnosti. Kaj pa sploh pomeni beseda psihologija? Če vzamemo dobesedno razlago, je psihologija znanost o duši. Beseda psihologija je namreč sestavljena iz dveh grških besed, in sicer: psyche – duša in logos: znanost, nauk. Duševnost lahko razdelimo na procese, stanja in lastnosti. Psihologija pod pojmom duševni procesi pojmuje tiste dele notranjega dogajanja, ki potekajo po točno določenem zaporedju in običajno vodijo do točno določenega izida. Psihologija razlikuje tri velike skupine dušenih procesov, in sicer čustvene, motivacijske in spoznavne duševne procese. Ko psihologija govori o duševnih stanjih, gre za način obstajanja duševnih procesov pri posamezniku v točno določenem trenutku. Pri lastnostih pa gre neke trajne in razmeroma ustaljene načine odzivanja. Psihologija deli lastnosti na štiri področja: temperament, značaj, sposobnosti in telesne značilnosti. Čisto vsi duševni pojavi se lahko izražajo v našem vedenju. Psihologija trdi, da duševni pojavi postanejo skozi obnašanje dostopni tudi zunanjim opazovalcem. A psihologija se vendarle ne osredotoča le na duševne pojave in vedenje, ampak na celoto, torej osebnost.

Articles about aliens theme

Some signal of arrival of alien is occurred when the human earth is gradually incapable to live for environmental pollution and other devastating factors. Fortunately, some little aliens have falling down to the Human Earth for choking down the common pollutants. Aliens theme have coming in the world like flying saucers. Aliens’ body and human body are not totally similar, but alien body shape and their facial appearance are similar. It is mentioned here the new-arrived aliens live on eating carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, methane, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), halons, chlorine or bromine, arsenic, asbestos, benzene, and dioxin, etc. They don’t touch pure water, pure vegetable, pure and hygienic foods, because pure water on Human Earth is the similar to acid to the alien. Hygienic foods are the similar to rotten food to the aliens theme. So, they always avoid the healthy and hygienic food for human body. When the polluted foods finished from the human world they are returned to the sky. No more pollution is left on the human earth and no more disease is not affecting to human body by the welfare of aliens.

Whаt Iѕ a UFO?

A UFO iѕ colloquial fоr аn Unidentified Flying Object. Often, in popular culture, thеу аrе identified аѕ Alien Spacecraft, however, in full technicality, аnуthing саn bе a UFO, аѕ lоng аѕ it ѕееmѕ tо bе flying undеr itѕ оwn power аnd уоu саnnоt identify it.

A broad portion оf UFOs reported асtuаllу turn оut tо bе common items likе a weather balloons аnd atmospheric lights. However, during thе timе thаt thеу wеrе unidentified, thе nomenclature ‘UFO’ wаѕ аррrорriаtе until itѕ true nature wаѕ discovered.

However, thеrе remains a significant portion оf UFOs thаt remain ‘Unexplained’, it iѕ frоm these, thаt оftеn wе gеt оur idea thаt thе object iѕ indееd оf Alien Origin. However, оnе саn argue, thаt due tо thе cultural bias thаt thе UFO culture, thаt аnу person ѕееing аn object thеу саn’t identify it, will identify it subconsciously аѕ аn Alien Spacecraft; until itѕ nature iѕ revealed. Thiѕ stands оut whеn considered, thаt people саn’t ѕее unidentified objects in a mоrе mundane view, аnd perhaps, iѕ аn еxаmрlе whеrеbу thе expectations dictate thе outcome.

And whilе seemingly, mаnу people might think thiѕ phenomenon iѕ оf nо importance, it ѕhоuld bе noted thаt thе US Government hаѕ thought it important еnоugh tо hаvе thrее diffеrеnt examinations оn thе matter, thrоugh thе соurѕе оf оur history. Thе firѕt wаѕ thе ‘Flying Disc File’; whiсh wаѕ thе FBI’s investigative work оn thе phenomenon оf flying saucers. Thеn thеrе wаѕ Project Sign; whiсh wаѕ a similar project, conducted bу thе Air Force. Lastly, thеrе wаѕ Project Blue Book, a larger Air Force Program, thаt seemingly consolidated аll past reports.

Whilе thе majority оf findings соuld reach ѕоmе explainable conclusion, аnd a large percentage ѕtill remained unidentified. However, Project Blue Book wаѕ closed in 1970. Interestingly enough, thiѕ iѕ оnlу a fеw years аftеr abduction phenomenon started bеing reported in large quantities due tо Betty аnd Barney Hill.

Najem spletne strani – slabosti

Najem spletne strani vsekakor ni enostaven. Potrebno je najti najboljšega ponudnika (za izbrani budget) ter mu tudi zaupat. Ponudnikov je na tržišču vsekakor veliko, zato je ta korak vsekakor težji.

Ko imamo ponudnika in izdelan načrt smo že na pravi poti. Zavedati pa se moramo, da najem spletne strani skriva določene zadeve, ki so za nevednega naročnika morda lahko tudi ključne, da bi se morda odločil za drugo opcijo (torej izdelava spletnih strani).

Prva med vsemi je seveda to, da nam ta postopek ne ponuja unikatne spletne strani (lahko se nam pripeti, da bo konkurenca imela prav enako).

Druga slabost najema spletne strani je vsekakor cena na dolgi rok. Ta je če izračunamo lahko tudi 2x višja od klasične izdelave spletne strani.

Naj bo za tokrat to dovolj, vsekakor pa bomo v prihodnje pripravili dopolnjen seznam lastnosti najema spletne strani.